5. Base floor plans

Here’s where you create your average schedule for each day of the week. The idea is that you’ll be able to choose from these base floor plans when making your schedule.  Add your badges to the shifts you create here. Aside from creating your base Monday to Sunday floor plans, consider any seasonal, event, or admin schedules you want to save and reuse (Example: inventory Monday, Mother's Day, home games, etc.)

Navigation: ‘Scheduling’ tab, then ‘Base Floor Plans’

Goal: To save you time when creating your schedules

  • Monday base floor plan: We’ve already got you started with an average restaurant Monday. Now you can make it your own!
    • Add a shift - click ‘Add Shift’, select a department and adjust the start and end times
    • Adjust a shift - click and drag the sides of the shift
    • Edit a shift - click the center area of the shift to add badges, breaks or remove the shift

Add_a_Shift_300w.png     Add_a_Badge_300w.png    

  • Add new base floor plan: Once your Monday base floor plan is done, click ‘Create New’ and copy from Monday to build Tuesday. This will allow you to copy over the Monday floor plan you’ve just made and tweak it from there. Repeat until you have created your weekly floor plan.


Next up, events!


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