4. People

Next let’s begin organizing your employees. The ‘People’ section serves as your online filing cabinet and houses all things employee related such as contact information, wages, availabilities, etc. You can edit both department and employee specifics here.

Navigation: ‘People’ tab, then ‘Employee Manager’

Goal: Know how to properly edit all department and employee profiles

  • Edit department settings: Let’s start by editing each department. Put your cursor over the department you would like to edit and click the setting wheel on the right. Next, click ‘Edit Department’. Now you can update things like the color of this department’s shifts on the schedule, and add a default department wage.
  • Auto approve book offs: If you would like Ameego to automatically approve any number of employee book off requests on a day you can set this here. If you would like your managers to approve all book offs leave the numbers in this section at zero.


  • Book off request limits: Here you can enter the maximum number of requests you would like to receive each day from employees in the department. Remember, your managers will still need to approve these requests before they are confirmed and the schedule is updated.

  • Badges: Badges help Ameego to understand your employee’s abilities. Example: server close, grill, fryer, etc. You can set as many or as few badges as you would like. We have added a few of the most common ones for you in a few departments. Provided you are still in ‘Department Settings’ (to get back there click the setting wheel to the right of the department name), you can add or delete badges for the department. Click the ‘Add Badge’ button to add a badge. Click ‘Edit’ on an existing badge to access ‘Delete badge’.


  • Preferred employee badges: This is how you can preset a shift for an Employee. (Example: Sally works Bar Open Monday through Friday). Click a badge, then choose the day and the employee you would like set. Ameego will ensure this employee is given the shift with this badge, on this day, over any others. Note: Be sure this employee is given this badge in their profile as well (our next step covers employee profiles!).


Next, take a few minutes and edit all of your department info as above

  • Employee profiles: Click your first department and see all the employees who reside here. Choose an employee and click the downward facing arrow on the right to view their profile. You can verify, edit, and add things here like departments, badges, availabilities, etc.
    • You can click ‘Deactivate’ to move this employee to the deactivated employee column, they will no longer exist on your schedule.
    • Reset password will reset a password back to the default, ‘ameego’ (all lowercase)
    • Click ‘Edit Profile’ to edit things like employee contact information, email address, and phone number  (employees can enter their own contact information the first time they log in to Ameego). You can also change their main department (this also determines the department their profile sits under), or permission level. Note: Managers and Supervisors can access the Ameego Manager program.  The difference between the two is that supervisors cannot see or edit wages. If the permission level is set to supervisor or manager, an icon of a person will show on their unexpanded profile so you have a quick visual of the higher permission level.
    • Add any departments you will schedule this employee for with the ‘+ Department’ button. Note: the information seen in the wages section on the left comes from the POS. Be sure to add the department and wage to the employees profile the POS so it ports over to here. This is the wage that Ameego will use to cost a shift scheduled in this department for this employee. If none is present Ameego will use the department default wage.
    • Add any badges the employee is capable of. Example: closing server, opening bartender, etc.
    • Enter the availability for all employees. Availability is a must for the one touch scheduling tool to work effectively. After the initial set up, employees can keep their availability updated and managers will simply have to approve changes through their dashboard notifications. Click the ‘New Availability’ button to add your employee availability.


Next, take a few minutes and review and edit all of your employees info as above

  • POS match - If you see a numbered red flag next to ‘POS Match’, click on it. You will see new employee(s) that were added to the POS system the previous day. Expand the record and choose to activate or Ignore them. Note: Ameego can send this new employee login instructions immediately after you choose activate if you input the employees email address now. (How cool is that?!)


Okay, you're doing great! Time to take a break. Coffee anyone!?


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