3. Department groups

Here you’ll be able to set your department groups to best suit your restaurant’s schedules and labour tracking. Example: FOH, BOH or simply restaurant.

Navigation: ‘People’ tab, then ‘Employee Manager’

Goal: Customize your restaurant's department groups


  • Editing department groups: You will first see the department groups and departments that have been imported from your POS system. If you want to change the department groupings click the ‘Manage’ button then add or delete departments as needed. Click on a department to remove it. Click ‘+ Department’ to add a department to a group. Not seeing a ‘+ Department’ button? That means all of your departments have been assigned to a group.
  • Add a new department group: Click ‘Create new group’ then ‘Edit’ to name of the group and add departments as needed. Not seeing a department you need? Departments must be created in the POS system. Once this has been done, the new department will show up under ‘POS Match’ in the People Tab by the next day (see more on POS Match in the next section). After you activate the new department it will sit under the ‘No Department Group’ section at the bottom of your department list. Now you can assign it to a department group.
  • Department group sales metrics: Select a sales metric that you want to use when tracking sales and labour for this department group from the dropdown box. Be sure to click save changes when you’re done. :)
  • Delete a department group: click on ‘Manage Departments’. Click the edit button, then ‘Delete Group’.

Great Job. You have successfully set up the department groups for your restaurant!


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