2. Global platform settings

Now that we’ve had a quick tour of Ameego, let's begin setup by customizing your restaurant's global settings.

Navigation: ‘Dashboard’ tab then ‘Settings’

Goal: Customize your restaurant's settings.


  • Earliest / Latest shift times: Ameego will make your schedule for you! In order to do so it needs to know a few things about your schedule, like what's the earliest start time you would schedule a person, and the latest end time someone would be scheduled to be working. Be sure to give Ameego accurate information so it can be accurate for you.
  • Store hours: Set these to the times your restaurant is open to your guests for each day of the week. These times will be visible when creating your schedule floor plan for each day.
  • Show end times: Would you like your staff to to see their scheduled end times on their schedule? 
  • Overtime: What are your region's overtime parameters? Enter the number of hours that would equate to daily and weekly overtime at your restaurant. Example: daily overtime = 8 hours, Weekly overtime = 40 hours. No daily OT? Set it to the maximum hours you would want to schedule a person to work in a day. 
  • Min shift gap: One touch will not schedule an employee two shifts within this many hours of each other.Preferred sales metric: Do you use your gross or net sales to calculate labour?
  • Break rules: Do you ensure every employee gets a certain break once they work a specific amount of time? If a break isn't the norm leave break rules at 0.

Okay, now let's set up your department groups!


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