Multi-day book offs

Picture this: You’ve just booked a trip to Mexico and you’re logging into Ameego to book your week off so you can enjoy the sand, surf, and margaritas. What’s this? There’s no option to book the week off in one shot? Instead you have to book each day off individually? ACK!

That would be a pain in the you-know-what right:? Well that was the way it was -  but not anymore. Introducing, multi day book off functionality in Ameego! We know that this will create an ease of use for employees and managers, and that makes our day!

How to use it

Book offs (both in Request Manager and Ameego Anyware) now has a new multiple day setting on the top of the form. 

Pictured: Manager Book-Off requests


Pictured: Anyware Book-off requests


From here, you’ll need to select the start date, and end date. There is a limit of 31 days for multi day book offs. If employees plan on making requests longer than 31 days, they’ll have to request back-to-back multi day book-offs.


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