Intel & Scheduling Enhancements

Heads up; we’ve made some great enhancements to Ameego manager, focusing on the intel and scheduling sections!

The scheduling section of Ameego has a fresh new look and layout, including a new date picker that will allow you to choose any previous week that you have schedules for! Think this feature is a great idea? That’s because it came as a suggestion from the field! We know that several of you were looking for this functionality so our amazing development  team made dreams come true!

Functionality based on your suggestions don’t end there though! The improved date picker is also used in the ‘Intel Reports’ section along with an overall improvement in the graphics and report layouts. The ‘Week to Date’ report has some great updates with the added functionality of department filters. Fixed labour dollars that you may add in the scheduling section are now included in your projected labour calculations on the dashboard and in all applicable reports. And finally, the report section now has a print button allowing you to choose a printer and adjust the print settings for any report! (We’ve been busy!)

Scheduling (Build Schedule)

Your scheduling tab begins with the improved date picker. Just scroll through and choose the week you would like to schedule or review. Choose a new week and you’ll be prompted to create the forecast. Choose a week in progress or a completed week to access any information and the schedules in that week. We’ve also added a banner that shows your labour forecast for the week. Looks great doesn’t it?


As indicated above, this is where you can enter the fixed labour dollars for your department groups.

Intel (Reports)

This tab also begins with the new date picker. Choose a date, then choose a report. It’s as easy as that! The print report button can be found at the top of all the displayed reports. Here is a quick peek of a few of those report enhancements:  

Week to Date Report: This report now displays last year’s totals and the view can be filtered to a specific department or department group. And as we promised, you can now print this report to a selected printer!


Labour Metrics Report:


Labour Cost Analysis Report (Department Group view):   


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