Ameego Anyware enhancements

At Ameego, we believe that one of the best ways to create great software is through feedback from our community! Because of this, we’ve been able to respond to some awesome suggestions for Ameego Anyware from our awesome customers. In this update, we’ve added a few features that will improve the functionality and user experience with Ameego Anyware. Let’s have a look at these enhancements:


Shift shop - dropped shift reason

Previously, a shift available in the shift shop would not show the reason for dropping the shift to anyone other than a manager. By clicking the downward arrow of a shift available for pickup, you will now see the reason the employee entered when they dropped the shift. This will help all employees understand the dropping employee’s situation and improve interaction between the employees using the Ameego interface.



Inbox - reply notifications

A button has been added to all messages that will allow you to unsubscribe from getting further push notifications from that message. This button is found under the list of recipients. This can be very useful if a message contains several recipients and you don’t want to be notified each time another user replies.


Once you choose to ‘Stop receiving notifications for replies’ the button will toggle to ‘Start receiving notifications for replies’ so you can reverse the process if needed.



Inbox - Message list

Previously the inbox would only show a limited number of past messages. However, now  we can show you all your past messages! At the bottom of your message list you will see an ‘Older →’ button. Clicking this button will show you the next set of messages. Messages are listed from newest to oldest and are limited to ten per page.



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