Store hours have been added to your global settings

In our ever continuing quest to improve Ameego, we’ve added store hours (hours of operation for your customers) to your Ameego global settings. This will better define calculations in pertaining reports (example, labour metrics: ideal vs. projected vs. actual) and to give a visual of the store hours when managing your schedule floor plan.

Navigation: Dashboard tab, then Settings.

The ‘Store Hours’ in your platform will automatically default to match your previous ‘Day start’ and ‘Day end’ times. Simply click ‘Edit Settings’ to adjust your store hours.


Our previously labeled fields called ‘Day start’ and ‘Day end’ have also been relabeled to "Earliest Shift Start Time" and "Latest Shift End Time" for better clarity between the two settings. The shift start/end time settings will allow you to schedule within these two times.

Your store hours will be displayed on the floor plans (‘Manage floor plan’) for each day as faint vertical lines to assist you in analysing your shift coverage.


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