You can now edit employees within ‘Manage Schedule’!

Ameego has a brand new feature designed to save more of your precious time!

We’re excited to share with you that employee profiles can now be edited within the ‘Manage Schedule’ screen! This is going to be a game changer. For example, have you ever encountered ‘unassigned shifts’ when scheduling and then realize that you forgot to add a badge to an employee? Previously you would likely force the shift to the employee, causing a conflict. The only other way to fix the issue would have been to leave the schedule screen, go to ‘Employee Manager’, access the employee profile, add the badge and then come back to the schedule. LOTS OF WORK! Now, you simply click on the employee name and their profile will open in your schedule screen, allowing you to add that badge! You can access and edit any other setting within their profile as well like availability and departments. How cool is that?

Have a look here:


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