How to create and edit base floor plans

Base floor plans

Navigation: ‘Scheduling’ tab, then ‘Base Floor Plans’

Goal: To save you time when creating your schedules

  • Monday base floor plan: If you see an existing Monday base floor plan, then we’ve already got you started with an average restaurant Monday. Now you can make it your own!
    • Add a shift - click ‘Add Shift’, select a department and adjust the start and end times
    • Adjust a shift - click and drag the sides of the shift
    • Edit a shift - click the center area of the shift to add badges, breaks or remove the shift

Add_a_Shift_300w.png     Add_a_Badge_300w.png    

  • How to add new base floor plan: 
    • Click the ‘+ Create New’ button.
    • Type the desired name for the new base floor plan.
    • Using the 'Copy from' drop down list you can choose from an existing floor plan          (to get you started) or 'empty base floor plan' to start with a blank.
    • Choose a color for the base floor plan.
    • Click 'Add Floor plan'.


  • How to edit an existing base floor plan: You can edit any information in your existing base floor plans by clicking the setting wheel on the right side of the floor plan name. Make the desired changes and then click 'Save Changes' to save or 'Cancel' to discard changes. 
  • How to deactivate a base floor plan: Click the setting wheel and choose 'Deactivate'. You will confirm the action to complete the deactivation. Note: Deactivating a base floor plan does not permanently remove it. This action simply removes the floor plan from normal view and can be reactivated if needed. This can be very useful to hide seasonal floor plans.


  • How to Reactivate a base floor plan: Click the words 'Deactivated Floor Plans' at the bottom of list of your base floor plans. You will see a list of all the deactivated floor plans in your system. Click the 'Reactivate' button to reactivate your floor plan.


  • Changing the list order of your base floor plans: Click and drag the vertical arrow graphic on the left side of the floor plan name to move it up or down in your list. Release when you have it positioned in the desired position.



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