Ameego now tracks schedule changes and shift history!

The new Ameego schedule change log and shift history keep exact records of changes that were made in a schedule or a specific shift. This will help managers keep track of who, what, where, and when a schedule change occurs to better improve record keeping for employee shift management.

Where to find it

The schedule change log will be located under the scheduling tab (scheduling > build schedule). To access it, click the button titled “Schedule Change Log” on the top right.


Pictured: Header location


Pictured: Change log button location

Once you go to the schedule change log, there will be two views available including the schedule change log view and the shift history view.

1. Schedule Change Log View

The schedule change log view shows all changes made to the schedule since it was created.  This view will provide the ability to understand who made any changes to a shift including the date/time that the change occurred. 


2. Shift History View

The Shift History View is a useful view for pinpointing changes made to a specific shift.  Simply click on the shift from the right pane and all the details surrounding the shift for that schedule are viewable in the right hand window pane.  

The shift history for each shift is also printable which will come in handy if there are any labor disputes from an employee and you require further documentation to support.


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