Ameego Manager app launch

The Ameego Anyware mobile app has had an update! Managers can now see their manager dashboard in the app, and have access to all the great features that the desktop version of Ameego has! 

Within the Ameego Anyware mobile app you can now:

  • See your daily weather forecast.
  • View your daily projected sales.
  • View this week’s sales (and how they compare to projections).
  • View this week’s labour (and how it compares to projections).
  • View any team requests pending (book-offs, availability, shift swaps).
  • See today’s schedule (aka a list view of all staff scheduled with shifts for the day).
  • View / approve / deny all requests (book-offs, shift shop, and availability).
    • You’ll receive notifications for requests directly to the app (and you can choose which departments you wish to see notifications from).
  • All the other Ameego Anyware features are still accessible as before.

Managers have already installed the app will need to follow the instructions below to be able to start using the manager functionality (though managers who newly install the app will automatically have access to the new features):

  1. Make sure the app is installed and up to date.
  2. Log out of the Ameego Anyware app and log in again.

To logout: 

  • Open the app
  • Click the person icon to load up your profile
  • Press the logout button
  • Enter your details to log in.

Voila! You should be rockin’ and rollin!



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