How do I manage badges assigned to employees?

In order to manage badges linked to you staff members you'll need to access the 'Employee Manager', via the 'People' tab located in the menu bar of Ameego.


Next, you'll need to click the department that the employee belongs to. You'll find the list of departments on the left side of the screen.

Once you have selected the department, you can click the name of the employee in the employee list. You'll see all the assigned badges for that employee.

To add a new badge, first you will need to add the department that the badge is linked with.  To do this, click the '+ Department' button.  


Once the department has been added, you can then click the '+ Badge' button to add any available badges.


To remove a badge from the employee, simply click the name of the badge. If you wish to remove all badges within a set department, click the department name within the availability list.

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