How do I activate new staff members from my point-of-sale (POS)?

Employees can be added to Ameego via your POS system. To view your list of employees, navigate to the 'Employee Manager' via 'People' in the top navigation bar.


POS Match runs automatically every 24 hours. If you have recently added a new employee or department and you don't see them in your employee manager yet, press the POS Match button in the left department menu.


If there are any departments, employees or wages that are in your POS system but not yet added to Ameego, you will see a list. To make sure the list is updated, click the blue 'Trigger POS Match' button in the top right corner.


This will instantly sync your POS server to Ameego, and let you know of any changes. To activate an employee on Ameego, simply click the name, check the employees details, and click "Activate". 


We highly advise adding a working email address to the employee so that they can receive log in instructions directly.

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