3. Global platform settings

Now that you've had a quick tour of the manager dashboard, lets begin customizing your restaurant's global settings.

Navigation: Dashboard tab > Settings

Goal: Customize your restaurant's settings.


  • Day start and end: Ameego will make your schedule for you! In order to do so it needs to know a few things about your schedule; like what's the earliest start time you would schedule a person, and the latest end time someone would be scheduled to be working. Be sure to give Ameego accurate information so it can be accurate for you.
  • Show end times: Would you like your staff to to see their scheduled end times on their schedule?
  • Overtime: What are your region's overtime parameters? Enter the number of hours that would equate to daily and weekly overtime at your restaurant. Ex: Ontario 44 hours maximum per week but no daily overtime.  

*NOTE* Ameego will be creating the schedule for you. It will ensure it never schedules an employee for more than the daily or weekly overtime limits you set here.

  • Preferred sales metric: Do you use your restaurant gross or net sales to track labour?
  • Break rules: Do you ensure every employee gets a certain break once they work a specific amount of time? If a break isn't the norm leave break rules at 0.

Okay, now let's setup your department groups.

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