Logbooks has a fresh new look!

As a core part of your daily routine, the logbooks page was in need of a bit of design love - so we gave it some!  The new and improved logbook screen brings in the styling of our new design locker, making it cleaner and more user friendly.


Color added to logbook menu:  The logbooks menu on the left hand side of the screen has been given a fresh look with new color bars - similar to the new Employee Manager.  This helps you to distinguish quickly between logbook categories, and creates a more consistent experience with other parts of Ameego.


Notes are now split:  Rather than seeing one long list of notes under each sub-heading, we’ve split out the headings and their notes into individual boxes.  We’ve also split out the employee list on the right, so you can quickly determine when your team last viewed the logbook, and how many notes they’ve yet to see.


Updated date picker:  We’ve created a better, easier to use date picker.  When you first visit the logbook page, you’ll be shown the current date logbooks, with the option to quickly select previous dates using the date picker in the top right corner. 


We hope you love the new look, take it for a whirl and let us know what you think!

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