We gave our time & attendance page a facelift!

It has always been our mission to make Ameego more user friendly. Which is why we’ve redesigned the time and attendance section. The focus of the change was to bring the design up to standard with our new design locker, with cleaner fonts and more elegant styling.  Coupled with that, we’ve tweaked some of the functionality to make it easier for you to use.


Departments are now split:  Forget that large clumsy table with your T&A data crammed on top of each other. We’ve now split each department into their own table.  This means you can quickly review your T&A data for a specific department, as well as instantly see the totals for that particular department!

The data has room to breathe:  We’ve added extra padding around the table cells to make the data more visually attractive.  Now that the delete button has gone (it’s moved to the edit section) and the department name is relocated to the header section, you won’t get headaches reviewing the data.


New date picker: We’ve created a nicer, easier to use date picker.  When you first visit the T&A page, you’ll be shown data from the current date, with the option to quickly select previous dates using the date picker in the top right corner.


Cleaner Add Shifts Functionality:  For those of you that need to be able to add shifts manually, we’ve given the add shifts functionality the space it deserves, and placed it in a modal box with a simple to use form - making the ability to add shifts even easier!


We hope this makes the time and attendance screen a bit easier on the eyes.  Give it a try, we can’t wait to hear what you think!

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