Ameego now has payroll exports!

Ameego can export directly to your payroll provider!


We believe that a schedule doesn't end when all shifts have been worked.  A schedule ends when the staff have been paid for all their hard work.  Traditionally, payroll is riddled with human error, and takes too long to complete.

Payroll shouldn't be complicated.  We believe it should be automated!

The new payroll functionality enables a manager to export their time and attendance data in under a minute. No more spreadsheets or copying numbers manually.  And best of all, no human error!  

For more information about payroll exports please click on the links below:

* NOTE - If you do not see your payroll export link, please contact Ameego support to provide your payroll provider info and they will assist in getting you setup.  We can be reached at or (800) 770-7319.


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