New enhancements to Employee Manager are now LIVE!

We're very excited to announce our enhanced employee manager!  

The new enhanced layout provides a streamlined look and feel for faster access to the most important information on your departments and employees.


Reworked department menu

The left department menu has been given a complete restructuring. Not only is there more space, but departments are now split into easy to view groups. Each department has a color assigned to it which is used throughout the Ameego platform.  


Department settings are easier to find

Rather than having to dig around for the individual department settings a small cog icon is displayed in the department menu. Clicking it will instantly bring up the settings for that particular department.


Improved employee layout

We've done away with the tabs and created a more compact display for your individual employee information. Badges are easier to add, contact information is quicker to find, and the new availability table gives you a quick glance understanding of when your employee can be used.  Multiple Employees can be opened at the same time to allow for comparison.


If you have any questions about the employee manager, please reach out to us at

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